Order of information:

If data in a note correspond to data found in the title and statement of responsibility, edition, publication, physical description, or series areas, usually give the elements of the data in the order in which they appear in those areas. In such a case, use prescribed punctuation, except substitute a period for a period-space-dash-space.


Give quotations from the publication or from other sources in quotation marks. Follow the quotation by an indication of its source, even if that source is the title page, original or replacement. Do not use prescribed punctuation in quotations.

Formal notes:

Use formal notes employing an invariable introductory word or phrase or a standard form of words when uniformity of presentation assists in the recognition of the type of information being presented or when their use gives economy of space without loss of clarity.

Informal notes:

When making informal notes, use statements that present the information as briefly as clarity, understandability, and grammar permit.

See also:

7A. Preliminary Rule