Generally, give notes in the order in which they are listed here. However, give a particular note first when it has been decided that note is of primary importance.

7B2. Language of the Publication and/or Translation

7B3. Sources of Title Proper

7B4. Changes of and Variations in Title

7B5. Parallel Titles and Other Titles Information

7B6. Statements of Responsibility

7B7. Edition and History

7B8. Numbering or Chronological Designation

7B9. Publication, Distribution, Etc.

7B10. Physical Description

7B11. Accompanying Material and Supplements

7B12. Series

7B14. Audience

7B16. Other formats available

7B17. Indexes

7B18. Contents

7B19. Numbers Borne by the Publication

7B20. Copy Being Described and Library's Holdings

7B21. Currency of Information at the Time the Record is Created or Updated

See also:

7. Note Area