8B1. Give the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the publication being described. Give the number with the agreed abbreviation and with the standard spacing or hyphenation.

Use the qualification "looseleaf" to identify ISBNs relating to a publication issued in a ring binder (or similar device) that allows pages to be inserted or removed. (Note that in this context "looseleaf" relates solely to binding/format and does not imply that the publication will be updated by the publisher.)

8B1. Example

8B2. If a looseleaf service bears two or more ISBN numbers, give the one that applies to the item being described.

Optionally, record more than one number and add a brief qualification. Give a number for a complete service before the number(s) for the part(s). Give the numbers in the order described. (LC follows the option.)

8B2. Example 1

If the supplementation (updating service) has an ISBN separate from the main work, record it, adding the qualifier in terms given by the publisher.

8B2. Example 2

If, however, the supplementation (updating service) has ISBNs that vary from update to update, do not record them.

8B2. Example 3

8B3. Record any other number, including an ISSN in the note area.

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