Always complete a correction card (form 83-32 (rev. 3/86)) to:

cancel a record;

change a call number;

change a control number on a verified record.

All problems involving a control number are made in n consultation with, and submitted directly to, the Head, Data Preparation and Files Maintenance Unit.

Instructions: (Click on desired box in above card for its description.)

Check the appropriate box(es) on the correction card to indicate any and all changes that have actually been made. This must be done at the time the change is actually made or immediately afterward; never indicate a change before it is made.

When recording the map control number (i.e., MCN:) always include any prefix (e.g., gm, map, etc.) that is part of the control number. The prefix is necessary to form a unique control number within the LC databases.

Record the cataloger’s code and date submitted.

See also:

Appendix A. Maps Correction Procedures