Within the limits of Technical Services Section’s capabilities, it has been and will continue to be, Section policy to keep the Maps database as "clean" and error free as possible. Corrections are to be in compliance with standards (1) and are made to maintain the integrity of the cataloging and to insure the retrievability and usefulness of the online records.


All Cataloging Unit corrections to the Maps database are reviewed by a designated reviewer to insure that quality standards for corrections are consistent with the standards for original cataloging.

When initiating a correction, review or "read" the entire record using the same procedures as specified for reviewing original cataloging.


Normally errors discovered by catalogers in the source of their work are corrected by the cataloger who discovered them, regardless of the geographic area or language involved.

When a particular type of correction required a large number of changes and/or can be retrieved based on current geographic area and/or language responsibility, not based on the original cataloger, since no connotation of "blame" is intended.


Never remove a shelflist card without leaving a temporary card out, unless the record is being cancelled.

Make all changes to shelflist cards in pencil only.

Vault Shelflist:

When technically feasible, the Data Preparation and Files Maintenance Unit will generate a new Vault shelflist in card format to which the Reference & Bibliography Section will merge the existing preliminary cards. Cards for new and changes MARC records for Vault items will be produced approximately every six months. In addition, the Data Preparation and Files Maintenance Unit will generate a paper listing of the Vault shelflist to be used in the Reading Room.

When processing call number changes for items located in the Vault, change only the official shelflist and the card-format Vault shelflist.

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