All current receipts are cataloged at the less-than-full level except the following categories that will always receive full-level cataloging:

New issues or editions of AACR2 cataloging; (Use a broad interpretation for new editions, issued, etc. If a new map is issued by the same body, with the same title, at the same scale and all access points are the same and the previously issued version was cataloged as full-level under AACR2, catalog the newly received version as full-level as well.)

Rarities (i.e., vault material);


All collected map series/sets; (Analytics of "monographic type" series will be subject to the same criteria as any other map, e.g., a new issue of such an analytic previously cataloged under AACR2 is cataloged at the full-level)

Any item specifically designated for full-level cataloging;

Items for which the following conditions apply:

--  the main entry has been established under AACR2;

--  no other descriptive access points (tags 700, 710, or 711) are required under normal full-level cataloging practice;

--  no more than three subject tracings are required under normal full level cataloging practice.

See also:

Appendix B. Less-Than-Full Level Cataloging