Assign only established, fully verified AACR2 subject headings to less-than-full records.

No subject access is to be provided for insets or ancillary maps; including thematic or indexed insets or ancillary maps.

Only one subject heading, reflecting the primary area and subject coverage, is required on less-than-full records.

Under no circumstances should any heading element be established for use as a secondary tracing in a less-than-full record.

To provide additional, but less time-consuming and expensive subject access to less-than-full records, add additional tracings, in any combination, from the following categories of headings (not to exceed a total of three subject headings unless for co-equal maps):

free floating headings not requiring additional searching or authority work; Example:

format headings; Example:

established headings for additional, co-equal, primary areas;

additional topical headings in conjunction with primary area, providing no additional authority word is required.

See also:

Appendix B. Less-Than-Full Level Cataloging