Changes to MARC Bibliographic Records:

Pre-AACR2 Records:

Record Not Yet Revised to AACR2 Access:

Always use the MUMS Full Record Print command PRNT to generate printouts of record for correction. This command prints the entire record, except extremely long records, including the fixed field boxes, on one sheet of paper, with the diacritics "floated" in their proper position.

In the upper right corner, in red, mark the printout CHANGE.

Record the cataloger’s code and date submitted.

Record all requested changes in RED.

Access fields should usually be changed to reflect the AACR2 form of heading, based on the name and subject authority files. If the heading is already in conformance, indicate this by using the notation of AA2 or AACR2 in red following the heading.

Be sure that the format of all descriptive changes corresponds to the rules used for the original cataloging (i.e., if cataloged under revised Chapter 6, tag 008 box 36 contains value r, additions and changes to the description must reflect ISBD punctuation while for earlier records, tag 008 box 36 contains value e, ISBD punctuation must not be used in the description).

Submit the correction to the reviewer.