Changes to MARC Bibliographic Records:

Pre-AACR2 Records:

Records Revised to AACR2 Access:

AACR2 Access Tracking Field:

When pre-AACR2 records are corrected, the Data Preparation and Files Maintenance Unit records the AACR2 status of the access fields in the final cataloger’s note field (tag 952) in the record. If all conforms to AACR2 the field simply carries the legend AACR2.

If only some headings have been converted, the fields that have been converted are listed in the field following the legend AACR2: and are separated with a semicolon. Any change to a 1xx, 4xx, 6xx, 7xx, or 8xx will be reflected in this AACR2 information field. For those fields that can be repeated in the record (i.e., 4xx, 6xx, 7xx, and 8xx) the sequence number within that block also will be recorded. The sequence number reflects the number within the block of fields beginning with the same digit, regardless of the actual tag number. Example:

Always use the MUMS Full Record Print command PRNT to generate printouts of record for correction. This command prints the entire record, except extremely long records, including the fixed field boxes, on one sheet of paper, with the diacritics "floated" in their proper position.

In the upper right corner, in red, mark the printout CHANGE.

Record the cataloger’s code and date submitted.

Record all required changes in RED.

Be sure that the format of all descriptive changes corresponds to the rules used for the original cataloging (i.e., if cataloged under revised Chapter 6, tag 008 box 36 contains value r, additions and changes to the description must reflect ISBD punctuation while for earlier records, tag 008 box 36 contains value e, ISBD punctuation must not be used in the description).

Submit the correction to the reviewer.