Changes to MARC Bibliographic Records:

Call Number Changes:

Vault Items:

When processing call number changes for items housed in the Vault, change both the official shelflist and the card-format Vault shelflist.

Complete a call number change card (form 6-38 (11/65)), either by typing r neatly printing the information, and file it in the superseded location in the Vault shelflist. Call number change cards (form 6-38 (11/65)) can be found next to the correction box.

When recording the card number always include any prefix (e.g., gm, map, etc.) that is part of the control number. The prefix is necessary to form a unique control number within the LC database.

Record the superseded call number with the standard introductory phrase Prev. call #: in a cataloger’s note field (tag 952) on the printout submitted. Example:

Record the cataloger’s code and date submitted.