Sheet titles:

Separate, individual sheets titles for a map series/set or a multisheet single map are not transcribed as part of the title. If an awkward, incomplete title results from this omission replace the sheet title information with a more general description that is suitable for all sheets. Do not omit the information and represent it with ellipsis. (4) Examples:

Physical Description:

Since descriptive phrases in simple, singular present tense are read as applying to the map series/set as a whole rather than to each sheet, attributes that apply to each sheet or to only some sheets must be explicitly stated. Examples:

Extent of Item:

If the work is not complete, a blank of three spaces precedes the specific material designation given in the plural form. An incomplete item can be the result either of sheets that are simply missing or sheets that have not yet been issued. If known, the total number of sheets, or maps that make the item complete is recorded in a note. Examples:

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Collective Sets/Series/Serials