Publication, Distribution, Etc.:

Date - Inferred Dates:

If no publication date, copyright date, or printing date is given on the item, a publication date can often be inferred from other dates or information appearing on the item. An inferred date is enclosed in square brackets and may be questioned if there is doubt whether it is the actual publication date.

The date can be inferred from:

the title proper, other title information, or variant title; Example:

the statement of responsibility; Example:

the edition statement; Examples:

a printer or publisher’s code; Examples:

other information appearing elsewhere on the item. Examples

However, the date should not be inferred from:

date of geodetic control; Example:

date of magnetic declination; Example:

dates of boundaries; Examples:

dates in base map statements. Examples:

A date of publication may be inferred form the acquisition stamp. The reasoning used is the same as above. The date is therefore questioned. (An item is inferred to be published in the current year.) Example: