Phrases such as Compliments of ..., Courtesy of ..., or Prepared for ... are treated as part of the statement of responsibility. Phrases such as Distributed by ..., Available from ..., etc. are distribution statements and are included in the publication, distribution, etc. area. Bodies which appear to be sponsoring bodies, but appear without any such attribution as Compliments of ... are incorporated into the statement of responsibility or publication, distribution, etc. area, whichever seems most appropriate.

Copyright statements are not transcribed as statements of responsibility, but may be recorded in a note if considered important.

Latin Terms or Contractions:

Cartographer or draughtsman: Auctore, Auct; Delineavit, Del; Descripsit, Descrip; Invenit, Inv.

Engraver: Sculpsit, Sculp, Sc.; Fecit, fec; and rarely Caelavit.

Printer or publisher: Apud; excudit, exc; ex officina; formis; sumptibus.

Capitalization of Names of Political Divisions:

Consider names of political divisions transcribed in the statement of responsibility or in the publication, distribution, etc. area to be indicative of official use and capitalize the term preceding the proper name. Examples:

Transcription of Place or Location;

Retain the place or location in the statement of responsibility when retention of such information would clarify the record or make it more beneficial to the user (e.g., if the place is not mentioned elsewhere on the catalog record).

The place or location of the producing agency, firm, etc., is considered particularly significant when the publication area contains uncertain or less specific information.

Street address information should not be retained.

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