Order of Entries (1):

Give added entries in the following order:

Personal name alone

Personal name followed by title

Corporate name alone

Corporate name followed by title

Uniform title (all instances of works entered under title)

Traced titles


For the sequence of entries within any one grouping, generally follow the order in which the justifying data appears in the bibliographic description. If such criteria is not applicable, use judgment.

Names (Personal, Corporate, and Conference):

All added entries must be justified in the cataloging record. The justification may be in the form of information that appears in the title area, edition statement, publication, distribution, etc. area, notes, etc.

Published Before 1800

Published Between 1800 and 1900

Published After 1900

Special Applications and Instructions

Entries for Works (4):

Added entries for works reflect the type of main entry heading of the work being referenced in the tracing and may be of two types: analytical and simple. Whenever the entry is made to provide access to the substance of a work contained within the item being cataloged, it should be analytical. If the entry serves only to provide access to a related work that is not contained in the item being cataloged, it should be simple. Example:

If a map is accompanied by a text with a distinctive title, which is also significant or "independent" enough to be considered for cataloging in its own right, an analytical entry is usually made for the accompanying text. Example:

When the item being cataloged is taken from another work, a simple entry may be made for the item from which the map is taken.

A simple related work added entry may be made for an item upon which the map being cataloged is based.

Uniform Title:

When formulating an analytic title added entry a uniform title must be used and therefore no "other title information" can be included. Examples:

Title Entries:

A title proper is always traced, (5) whether or not it is required for additional subject access unless the item is cataloged using title entry.

Any alternate title cited in the cataloging record will be traced if it differs from the title proper in the first five words.

Parallel titles may be traced if considered significant or distinctive.

A title may be traced in part, beginning in the middle of the title if necessary, to being out distinctive terminology, or to increase subject access. It is preferred, but not mandatory, to begin a partial title tracing at some point where there may be typographic or other indication that the portion of the title to be traced might be considered a distinct segment of the title.

Special Applications and Instructions:

Bracketed Title

Named Quadrangles (6)

Statements of Scale:

To improve the filing order in catalogs and other products sorted by LC filing programs, apply the following guidelines in constructing title added entries that contain scale statements not compatible with the LC form.

Variant Titles

Title Proper

See also:

Descriptive Access