Initial articles:

In accordance with the basic policy of transcribing a series statement as it appears on the item, the initial article is retained in the series statement in the bibliographic record. Example:

In accordance with the guidelines for formulating uniform titles, the initial article is omitted in the heading on the Series Authority Record (SAR). Example:



Series Statement:

Series Authority Heading vs. Series Statement

Tracing Practice

Statements of Scale

Multiple Series Statements

Transcription of ISSNs:

An ISSN associated with a series or a sub-series is included in either the statement for the main series or the series statement for the sub-series (but not both). ISSNs are never transcribed in the ISBN field (tag 020) that is reserved for ISBNs.

ISSN information is never included in a series tracing (8xx tags). The presence or absence of ISSN information does not affect series statement content designation -- a statement that is the same as the established form of the series heading except for the presence of ISSN information is still traced the same (tag 44).

When an item carries an ISSN number, but lacks a series statement; or, when it is not clear from the item (or other records in the database) which of two separate series statements the ISSN is associated with, give the ISSN as a quoted note, "ISSN 0281-1049."

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