Nature and Scope of the Item:

Date of Situation:

When a date that includes either the month of the year or the day and the month appear on a photocopied item and there is no later revision statement, quote the date as a note. The date is transcribed as a note regardless of whether or not it has been used to infer a less specific date of publication, distribution, etc. area.

When the date of situation reflected in the call number differs from the date in the publication, distribution, etc. area, the bibliographic description must contain some "justification" for the difference. A date or date of information contained in the description, is considered adequate justification, but if no such information is present, a note is created. Preference for such a note is given to any statement that appears on the item. However, in the absence of a suitable quotable statement, construct an explanatory note. Examples:

Although the date in the call number may not be affected, when any type of information or aspect of the map is "as of" a date that is different from the date in the publication, distribution, etc. area, any appropriate statement appearing on the item may be quoted to record this information. Similarly, statements that five a more precise date than the date in the publication, distribution, etc. area or call number may be quoted. Example:


Date codes or code/number combinations used to infer a date of information or publication are transcribed as a date of situation note. Example: