Nature and Scope of the Item:


Relief cam be shown on an item in many ways. Various methods of depicting relief may be known by several different names but, to facilitate retrieval, only a limited number of agreed-upon, standardized terms are to be used. Singular forms of the standard terms should not be used.

Standardized Terms:




Rock drawings

Form lines

Satellite imagery

Gradient tints




Landform drawings

Spot heights

Relief notes list the methods by which relief is depicted in the order of prominence, except, when present, pictorially always heads the list. The standard note begins with one of two introductory phrases:

Relief shown ... Examples:

Depths shown ... Example:

The standard note is not used when:

contouring is the only method used, and the contour interval can be quoted; Examples:

soundings is the only method used, and the unit of measurement can be stated. Example:

When relief is shown by different methods both above and below water level, the two standard notes are used in the same paragraph. The note for depths follows the note for altitudes. Examples:

When relief is shown by the same method(s) both above and below water level, the introductory phrases are combined into one statement. Example: