Nature and Scope of the Item:


When an item portrays subject matter that would normally not be found on the type of map being described, a shows note may be included. Examples:

When a simple "shows" note seems to contradict a title that is not misleading for the item as a whole, introduce the "shows" note with Also shows. Example:

When the title of an item is more general than the subject content of the item, a shows note is made to clarify the subject of the map and/or to justify the use of a more specific subject heading than the title indicates. Example:

When the title of an item is unclear, or misrepresents the area covered, a shows or covers note is made. Examples:

When the subject content of an item is other than that indicated by the title, a shows note is made. Examples:

When the item is obviously intended to portray a particular type of information (e.g., the legend includes places for color coding to indicate zoning categories), but the copy being described does not show the subject, a special shows note is constructed. Example: