Publication, Distribution, Etc.:



A distributor is usually a sales agent or other body through which a publisher makes his products available to the public.

Frequently phrases such as For sale by ..., Order through ..., or Available from ... precede the name of the distributor on the item.

Bodies identified by such phrases as Courtesy of ... or Compliments of ... or Prepared for ... are usually transcribed in the statement of responsibility

Bodies which appear on an item with no compliments of ... or available from ... attribution are treated as distributors, or incorporated into the statement of responsibility, whichever seems most appropriate.

For works published prior to 1800, such phrases as For sale by ... or sold by ..., are considered statements of publication rather than distribution.


The name of the distributor is transcribed according to the rules governing publishers.

An identifying phrase such as For sale by ... is retained. If no such phrase is present, a suitable phrase may be supplied, in brackets, in the vernacular.

The first word of any For sale by ... statement is capitalized if it is the first word following the place of publication in the publication, distribution, etc. area. Examples: