Aerial Views:

Aerial views pose special problems in many areas of the bibliographic description. Differences in the treatment of aerial views are based largely on the angle from which the view is taken (e.g., the degree to which roads can be seen and traced) and the apparent variation in the scale. There is no clear-cut line between types of aerial views, but various categories have been established to standardized the treatment of each category.

Very High Angle View - Scale Given

Very High Angle View - Scale Not Given

High or Medium Angle View

Low Angle View


Perspective Map - Scale Given

Perspective Map - Scale Not Given

Perspective Map - Not Drawn to Scale

Cloth Maps:

All items printed on cloth are included in a special vault collection. The bibliographic description for manuscript items on cloth emphasizes the manuscript aspect of the item and, although the item is filed in the vault, it is not included in the cloth collection.

The phrase Vault Cloth is added to the call number as the filing location (tag 050 subfield u). the term Vault is included as a standard cataloger’s note (tag 952).

Duplicate copies of cloth maps are retained for the collection.

To facilitate retrieval, a standard "physical description" note of Cloth map or Cloth maps, for a map series/set, is included in the bibliographic description.

The subject Cutter A9 (i.e., special format) is not used for items in the cloth map collection. Class these items as general maps or, if appropriate, use another subject Cutter to indicate specific subject content.

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