Austin-Peirce Puzzle Maps:

Based on a phone call, Austin-Peirce, the publisher of the state puzzle maps, plans to produce puzzles for all 50 states.

Drawers in the cartographic miscellany collection have been set aside to house all the puzzles. Add the identifier MISC to the call number as the filing location (tag 050 subfield u).

If a duplicate item is received, handle it following normal procedures for duplicated. Example:

Generally, only one geographic classification code (tag 052) indicating the form/subject is included since the item would not be very useful as a general map.

Only one coded physical description field (tag 007) is appropriate for this type of item. If the correct physical description field (i.e., az-canzn) is present delete any other generated default field (i.e., aj-canzn). If only the default field is present, modify it to describe the item in hand accurately.

Cooperatively Produced Items:

The treatment of items produced and/or published cooperatively by a cartographic and a non-cartographic firm differs because the division of the publication functions is variable.

A firm in the business of marketing individual city maps, as a means of advertising, to organizations not normally associated with either map-making or publication (e.g., banks, real estate firms, chambers of commerce, etc.) performs all the publication functions, except financial sponsorship and distribution (i.e., compiling, editing, and printing), to provide a package that can be distributed by the financial sponsor.

A non-cartographic firm with a long-standing history of map publication or distribution (e.g., oil companies), perhaps in association with different cartographic firms, purchases preexiting cartography or orders custom cartography from a cartographic firm but retains the responsibility for various publications functions, including the compiling the text and printing the item.

Selection of Publisher

Statement of Responsibility

Descriptive Access

Irish Academic Press Facsimiles:

Collection titles taken from an Irish Academic Press publication should not be treated as a series. Instead, add a standardized note to differentiate the repetitive numbering in the various catalogs issued by the publisher. Example:

Nathaniel Prentice Banks Collection:

An item in the Nathaniel Prentice Banks Collection is filed in the general collections unless it was published before 1800 or is a manuscript.

Include the acquisitions control number in a cataloger’s note (tag 952). Example:

Include the standard "copy specific" note for materials transferred form the Manuscript Division to justify the descriptive access for Banks. Example:

Include "copy specific" descriptive access to Banks. Example:

U.S. National Park Service Maps:

Choice of Title:

GPO Printing Codes Date Conventions

U.S. Soil Conservation Service Maps:

These policies are based on consultation with the National Cartographic Coordinator, Soil Conservation Service (2) and coordination with the Cataloging Branch, National Agricultural Library.

Choice of Entry

Statement of Responsibility

Edition Statement

Publication Area


Descriptive Access

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Special Treatment