Subject Cutters:

E635 Tourist Maps, Tourist Trade:

Because of the difficulty of defining tourist maps and their contents, an arbitrary rule has been devised to determine which maps are classed E635.

E635 is used for any item that, through its title, any alternate title, series statement, or any other statement appearing on the item, is called a tourist map. The precise words "tourist map," or their equivalent in a foreign language are not required. Other words or phrases (e.g., getting to know ...; visit ...; a walk around ...) that strongly suggest the concept of a tourist map are also considered sufficient to class an item E635.

Items which do not meet this criterion of publisher’s intent are not classed in E635 unless there is overwhelming evidence that the work was intended for a tourist map and nothing else.

Items which meet the criterion of publisher’s intent, but whose content makes the subject Cutter E635 Entirely inappropriate may be classed elsewhere.

Items whose titles contain both the indication "tourist map" or its equivalent in addition to another subject indication, are generally classed according to the subject expressed first.

The usual subject heading use in conjunction with E635 is [Place]--Maps, Tourist. Other headings exist, however, which may be more appropriate for certain materials classed in E635.

If an item is not classed as E635 but has important tourist information the subject heading [Place]--Maps, Tourist can be used as a secondary tracing.