The foregoing parts have described the two encoding options, MARC-8 and Unicode, specified for use in MARC 21 records.  There are many situations in which it may be necessary or desirable to convert records from one of these schemes to the other.  This section identifies a number of factors a successful conversion must take into account and specifies techniques for converting Unicode records that contain characters absent from the MARC-8 repertoire.

Part 5:  Code Tables contains tables showing the MARC-8 repertoire along with the code values of each character in MARC-8 and Unicode schemes.  It also contains links to an XML version of the table for all MARC-8 characters, and a comma-delimited file of MARC-8/Unicode correspondences for the EACC (CJK) character set only.

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Part 4:  Conversion Between Environments

Character Sets and Encoding Options