This long-awaited third edition of the NACO Participants’ Manual represents the collective efforts of many members of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and the Library of Congress Cooperative Cataloging Team.  Bill Starck and Tricia Van Ryn have done a thorough renovation to document current NACO practice.  David Banush and his PCC Standing Committee on Training provided aid throughout this process.  To the policy specialists in the Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division, we owe many thanks for detailed contributions as well as an editorial eye.

I think it would be historically remiss not to mention with gratitude Amy M. McColl, who compiled the first edition as part of her duties as Authority Project Coordinator of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries, and Cooperative Team member Joe Kaczorowski, who prepared the second.

Anthony R. D. Franks

Cooperative Cataloging Team Leader

Library of Congress

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