Libraries who wish to contribute authority records to the LC/NAF are welcome to apply for membership in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC).  The steps below outline the typical sequence of events leading to NACO membership.  Procedures for forming a funnel project or joining an existing funnel project are similar.  For additional information about membership in the PCC and its component parts, including NACO, consult:

Initial contact

Prospective library expresses interest in NACO training.

A Coop NACO training coordinator discusses NACO program with library and sends links to pertinent online documents and the PCC application.

LC Coop Team sends cost estimate if travel is involved.

Approval by PCC

Library submits Web application for PCC membership and NACO training.

LC Coop Team forwards application to PCC Steering Committee for approval.

PCC Steering Committee grants approval for provisional membership and NACO training.

Library director is asked to sign letter to commit to appropriate contribution goals.

Further discussions

Coop NACO training coordinator converses with NACO library again to begin scheduling, etc.

Coop NACO training coordinator matches prospective trainer and library.

Coop NACO training coordinator sends URL link to library to give access to training materials, including "Preparations for NACO Training," cataloging documentation, and training manuals.

Training costs and contractual obligations

There is no fee for the services of the NACO trainer and reviewer.

The library receiving training covers the travel expenses of the trainer.

Library receiving training and library sending trainer may need to establish contract for trainer’s travel expenses, accommodations, and meals.  For travel involving LC staff or involving funding from PCC, a signed contract must be on file at LC before travel plans can be completed.

Connecting the library to various services

LC Coop Team adds library to appropriate databases and mailing lists.

Coop NACO training coordinator notifies:

1.   Bibliographic utility of library’s eligibility to receive NACO authorization.

2.   LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office to add library’s MARC organization code to Linked Systems Project (LSP) table so records can be loaded from utility and counted.

3.   Cataloging Distribution Services to order free NACO subscriptions if applicable.

4.   PCC Listserv manager to subscribe NACO contact to PCClist.

At least four weeks before training

Coop NACO training coordinator sends Web link for training materials to NACO library.

Trainer discusses "Preparations for NACO Training" checklist with NACO library.

Library/trainer informs Coop NACO training coordinator about dates and other details of training.

Library requests MARC organization code from LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office:

NOTE:  Library requests NACO authorization as needed directly from the utility, not from a network (using OCLC’s online form, or by contacting RLG at

Library notifies staff of training plans and asks them to begin collecting names for afternoon hands-on sessions.  Library is expected to train its staff in using RLIN/OCLC ahead of training (both searching and inputting):  the NACO trainer does not cover utility searching and inputting.

Two or three weeks before training

NACO library prints training documents from Web and makes photocopies as needed.

Library sends samples of local name authority records and information about background of NACO trainees to trainer.

One week before training

NACO library checks NACO authorization account and password to see if it works.

Trainer shares basic itinerary with home institution and NACO trainee institution in case of emergency.

Training week

Library provides classroom training space and access to utility terminals for hands-on sessions.

Coop NACO training coordinator assigns a NACO reviewer if trainer is unable to review new library.

Coop NACO training coordinator assigns an LC liaison to receive duplicates and bibliographic file maintenance reports if reviewer is not LC staff.

Trainees submit Web NACO training evaluation forms on final day.

The week after training

Trainer submits expenses to appropriate source for reimbursement.

PCC Web page manager adds NACO library and contact to list of NACO liaisons.

Coop NACO training coordinator subscribes additional new trainees to PCClist at request of new library’s NACO contact.

The month following training

Library submits records to reviewer and reviewer returns constructive comments.

Reviewer grants NACO independence to library (often in stages).

Library earns full PCC membership (1) by achieving independence in cataloging and (2) meeting the contribution goals within one year of NACO training.

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