Formulate the 1XX heading according to the latest revisions of AACR and the LCRIs.  Supply tags, indicators, delimiters, subfield codes, and punctuation as appropriate.

All non-roman scripts must be romanized according to the ALA-LC Romanization Tables.

For all languages, provide diacritics as they appear in the language, except for cases in which LCRI 1.0G applies.

The nonfiling character indicator has been made obsolete in heading fields.  However, it may still appear in some authority records that pre-date the change in coding.

Remember the role romanization plays in formulating unique headings and cross references that do not conflict.  For further guidance, see the NACO normalization rules online at (see DCM Z1, Normalization).

Personal names

100 1# $a Smith, John

100 1# $a Smith, John, $c of Walworth

100 1# $a Smith, John, $d b. 1648?

100 1# $a Smith, John A.

100 1# $a Smith, J. A. S. $q (John Alec Sydney)

100 1# $a Smith, John, $d 1864-1905

100 1# $a Chaput-Rolland, Solange

100 1# $a Vaandrager, C. B. $q (Cornelis Bastiaan), $d 1935-

100 0# $a Leonardo, $c da Vinci, $d 1452-1519

Corporate names

110 1# $a United States. $b Internal Revenue Service

110 2# $a Labour Party (Great Britain)

110 2# $a Free Library of Philadelphia

110 1# $a France. $b Commission interministérielle "Loisirs des personnes handicappées"

110 1# $a New York (N.Y.). $b Street Dept.

110 2# $a Grünen (Political party)

110 2# $a Library of Congress

PLEASE NOTE:  When establishing a subordinate unit of a corporate body, it is also necessary to establish the parent body as a separate entry, unless it is already in the LC/NAF.  This applies to cross reference structures as well.  For example, the heading:

110 2# $a Gewerkschaft der Polizei (Germany). $b Landesbezirk Baden-Württemberg

cannot be established unless there is also an established heading for the parent body, Gewerkschaft der Polizei (Germany).

Conference names

111 2# $a International Conference on Adaptive Structures

111 2# $a New England Governors Eastern Canadian Premiers Conference. New England Governors Eastern Canadian Premiers Conference. $e Committee on Sustainable Economic Development Committee on Sustainable Economic Development

111 2# $a Conference on HDTV & Future Television

111 2# $a NFU Conference

111 2# $a Workshop on Statistics and Computing in Disease Clustering $d (1992 : $c Port Jefferson, N.Y.)

111 2# $a Miss America Pageant

111 2# $a Boston Marathon

111 2# $a TOOLS Europe '92 $d (1992 :$c Dortmund, Germany)

Uniform titles

130 #0 $a Bonn Convention $d (1952)

130 #0 $a Talmud Yerushalmi. $p Nezikin. $l German. $k Selections

130 #0 $a Treaty of Paris $d (1947)

130 #0 $a Microsoft Office

Geographic names

151 ## $a France

151 ## $a Kintire (Minn. : Township)

151 ## $a Mountain View (Calif.)

151 ## $a Germantown (Philadelphia, Pa.)

151 ## $a Dublin (Ohio)

151 ## $a Mexico City (Mexico)

151 ## $a Shanghai (China)

151 ## $a St. Ives (Cornwall, England)

151 ## $a St. Ives (Cambridgeshire, England)

151 ## $a Georgetown (Washington, D.C.)

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