The 667 field is used to give information of permanent value and general interest to catalogers.  Separate 667 fields may be given in any order.

In current practice, the 667 field mainly records practical information about the use or status of the heading.  The record number of an undifferentiated NAR that previously covered the heading appears here.  Policy specialists, especially those working with series authorities, in the PSD, Library of Congress, frequently include "message notes" in this field in order to record the work they are doing with the record.  A final use is to record a former heading, whether or not it is AACR, that is not suitable for use as a reference on the NAR.


667 ## $a Formerly on undifferentiated name record: nr 94007007

667 ## $a MESSAGE: Being updated; treatment being changed to collected, not analyzed after Feb. 2, 1992. [code and date]

667 ## $a Old catalog heading: Jones, John Paul, d. 1792

Another purpose is to give instructions on the subject usage of the heading.  Certain types of headings, such as those established under AACR 24.20C, are not suitable for use as a subject entry.  Geographic headings (151), however, are the main topic for these notes.  Headings for city sections bear a 667 telling the cataloger that the heading is not suitable for use as a geographic subdivision.  Name authority records for older forms of place names bear a 667 telling the cataloger of the correct form of heading to use in subject practice.


667 ## $a SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a geographic subdivision.

667 ## $a SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under Hong Kong (China).

Catalogers have gradually changed the application of the 667 field over time.  Records in the database show any number of examples.  A large number of these uses have been shifted to the 670 or 675 fields.  A past practice that should be used sparingly—if at all—is to reassure other catalogers that the new record is not a duplicate.

It should be evident from the 670s and 675s on each NAR that the two headings represent two different entities.  If two or more headings are similar enough to cause confusion in assigning them to bibliographic records, construct a 667 note.


667 ## $a Not the same as: [data]

667 ## $a Cannot identify with: [data]

Information may be found in DCM Z1, 667 section.

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