Communications with LC are sent by the institution’s NACO liaison or funnel coordinator via electronic mail.  There are two general categories of queries:

1.   Reporting Bibliographic File Maintenance (BFM).  If a newly created heading applies to LC bibliographic records, the NACO liaison or funnel coordinator communicates this via email.  As of December 2003, routine changes to existing name headings do not require BFM notification.  Guidelines for BFM reporting requirements are available online at:

If BFM is required, the text of the electronic mail will be as follows:

The following new NARs will require BFM at LC:

010 ## $a nr 93018463

100 1# $a Kim, Chong-man

010 ## $a nr 93018472

100 1# $a Kaush, Muhammad

010 ## $a no 93002846

100 1# $a Aghaiev, Einulla

010 ## $a no 93002857

100 1# $a Hubbes, Harald

The following updated NAR will require BFM at LC:

010 ## $a n 85018375

100 1# $a Marti, F. $q (Felix)

2.   Report duplicates (e.g., duplicate LCCNs) include both authority record numbers in the email to your NACO liaison.

3.   Other communications include:

a.   LAC—asking LC to verify a Canadian corporate heading with the National Library and Archives of Canada; per DCM Z1 Appendix for Canadian Headings, NACO members contact their LC liaison in certain situations.

b.   Questions arising out of the general course of business.

c.   Update contact information (e.g., changes in contact information and email addresses, or additions to the PCC list).

See also:

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