1.   Apply the guidelines in AACR2, Chapter 26, and the associated LCRIs (Chapter 26) in formulating cross references for 4XXs ("see" or "search under") and 5XXs ("see also" or "search also under").

2.   Do not trace a 4XX "see" reference that would normalize to the same form as the 1XX on the same record or to the same form as a 1XX or 5XX in another record.  Note that 5XX "see also" references will normalize to the same form as established headings.  (See DCM Z1, Normalization.)

3.   Formulate all references according to AACR and the LCRIs, i.e., in the form in which they would be constructed if chosen as the heading.

4.   Do not end 4XX and 5XX fields with a period unless the heading ends with an initial or an abbreviation.

5.   See sections below for notes on:

Simple 4XX "See" Cross References

Simple 5XX "See Also" Cross References

See also:

Section I:  New Authority Records