The same basic procedure for queries regarding new authority records is used for queries on updating authority records.

NACO participants are asked to research problems as fully as possible before referring them to the LC liaison.  Queries may include:

a.   LAC—asking the Coop Team to verify a Canadian heading with the Library and Archives of Canada.

b.   NLM—asking the LC liaison to verify a heading with the National Library of Medicine.

(Both LAC and NLM are considered to be equivalents to LC, and permission must be granted before their headings are changed.)

c.   Queries regarding other libraries or foreign institutions.

d.   Request for the LC liaison to check changes to an authority record for errors.  After independent status is granted, NACO participants may ask the LC liaison to check individual headings when necessary.

e.   Request to delete an authority record.

f.   Questions about series authority records or other NARs, such as music uniform titles, that are not within scope for many NACO libraries.

See also:

Section II:  Additions and Changes to Authority Records