Most fixed fields in authority records are either constants or are system-supplied.  However, certain fixed fields must be examined and adjusted when making additions and changes to LC/NAF records.

These fixed fields are listed and briefly annotated below.  For complete information on authority record fixed fields, see DCM Section Z1, Name and Series Authority Records and MARC 21 Format for Authority Data with Blue Pages.

Encoding level (Leader/17)

code n   complete authority record

code o   incomplete authority record (i.e., early notice record)

Level of establishment (008/33)

code a   fully established heading

code b   memorandum

code c   provisional heading

code d   preliminary heading

Record update in process (008/31)

code a   record can be used

code b   record is being updated

Descriptive cataloging rules (008/10)

code a   Earlier rules

code b   AACR1

code c   AACR2

code d   AACR2-compatible

Undifferentiated personal name (008/32)

code a   differentiated personal name

code b   undifferentiated personal name

code n   not applicable, i.e., not a personal name

Reference evaluation (008/29)

code a   cross references have been evaluated and are consistent with the heading

code b   cross references are not necessarily consistent with the heading, i.e., the references have not been evaluated for AACR2

code n   record does not contain cross references

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