The use of this field in name or series authority records is to record the authorized form of name from a national file, whether or not the heading differs from the heading and reference fields in the NACO authority record.  The use of this field is limited to a National Bibliography Agency (NBA) or its authorized deputy.

NACO members should not add this field to authority records in the LC/NAF without first obtaining authorization from their NBA, informing their LC liaison of their intention to do so, and receiving an appropriate source code through the LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO).

NACO members should not revise nor delete this field from authority records without proper authorization.


1XX ?? $a [NACO AACR heading]

670 ## $a[Citation]: $b t.p. ([usage for 1XX])

7XX 17 $a [Alternate authorized form] $2 [source code]

At this time, NBA-produced authority records are those of the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) and the National Library of South Africa.  The 7XX serves as a means for the LAC to link the English and French versions of their authority records.  The British Library and the Library of Congress have both announced that they will not, at this time, create nor maintain such links.

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