0B1.  Required elements

The description must always include the following elements, regardless of the completeness of the information available:

title proper

date of publication



Also include other elements of description as set out in the following rules, if available and appropriate to the chosen level of description.

0B2.  Basis of the description

0B2.1.  General rule

Base the description on the copy in hand.

0B2.2.  Imperfect copies

If describing a copy known to be imperfect, and details of a perfect (or more perfect) copy can be determined, base the description on the perfect copy.  Use square brackets only where required for description of the perfect copy.  In such cases, the details may be determined by examining additional copies or by referring to reliable descriptions in other sources.  As appropriate, cite the source used for the description in a note (see 7B3, 7B14).  Make a local note describing the imperfection of the copy in hand (see 7B19.1).

If no reliable evidence of the details of a perfect copy is available, describe the copy as it is.  Make a general note indicating that the description is based on an imperfect copy.

See also:

0. General Rules