5D1.  General rule

5D2.  Width

5D3.  Differing sizes

5D4.  Single-sheet publications

5D1.  General rule


Give the height of a publication (based on the copy in hand) in centimeters, rounding a fraction of a centimeter up to the next full centimeter.  If a publication measures less than 10 centimeters, give the height in millimeters.  If more than one copy of the publication is held, and the heights of the different copies vary, record the height of the tallest copy and give the height of the other copies in a local note.

; 18 cm

(Comment:  A publication measuring 17.1 centimeters in height.)

; 99 mm

(Comment:  A publication measuring between 98 and 99 millimeters in height.)


If a publication is bound, measure the height of the binding.  When the height of the publication differs by 3 centimeters or more from the height of the binding, specify both.

; 12 cm bound to 20 cm


For hand-press publications, add the bibliographical format of the publication in parentheses following the size statement whenever the format can be determined.  Optionally, give the format also for machine-press publications.  Give the format in abbreviated form (fol., 4to, 8vo, 12mo, etc.).  Use "full-sheet" for publications made up of unfolded sheets.

; 20 cm (4to)

(Comment:  A publication in quarto.)

; 20 cm (4to and 8vo)

(Comment:  A publication consisting of a mixture of quarto and octavo sheets.)

; 51 x 38 cm (full-sheet)

LC Rare Book Team Guidelines:  Cataloger's judgement.

5D2.  Width

If the width of a volume is greater than the height, or less than half the height, give the height x width.

; 20 x 32 cm

; 20 x 8 cm

If one of the measurements would normally be given in millimeters and one in centimeters, give both measurements in millimeters.

; 95 x 120 mm

5D3.  Differing sizes

If the volumes of a multipart set differ in size, give the smallest or smaller size and the largest or larger size, separated by a hyphen.

; 24-28 cm

5D4.  Single-sheet publications


For a single-sheet publication issued unfolded, give the height x width.  If a sheet is issued in folded form, but is designed to be used unfolded (e.g., with the chief part occupying a whole side of the sheet), add the dimensions of the sheet when folded.

1 sheet ([1] p.); 48 x 30 cm, folded to 24 x 15 cm


When describing other folded sheets (see 5B14), give the height of the sheet when folded.

1 folded sheet ([8] panels) ; 18 cm

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