Give the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).  Give such numbers with the agreed abbreviation and with the standard spacing or hyphenation.

ISBN 0-552-67587-3


Optionally, give more than one number, followed by a brief qualification as necessary.  Give a number for a complete set before the number(s) for the part(s).  Give numbers for parts in the order of the parts.  Give a number for accompanying material last.

ISBN 0-379-00550-6 (set). -- ISBN 0-379-00551-4 (v. 1)

LC Rare Book Team Guidelines:  Cataloger's judgement.

8B3.  Fingerprints

If considered important, record the fingerprint (FN8-1) derived according to a published standard in area 8 or in a note.

165204-b1 A2 ade : b2 L we

(Comment:  Fingerprint constructed according to the rules for The Short-Title Catalogue, Netherlands)

LC Rare Book Team Guidelines:  Cataloger's judgement.

See also:

8.  Standard Number and Terms of Availability Area