The elements of description provided in DCRM(B) constitute a full set of information for describing rare materials.  This appendix sets out a less-than-full level of description containing those elements required by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) in its standard for core-level records for rare materials.  The core record standard was defined by the PCC for use within the context of its national cataloging program, BIBCO, to support the goal of providing cost-effective cataloging that meets commonly accepted standards.

Although the core record standard originated with the BIBCO program, it can be used by any library, BIBCO participant or not.  Headings on all DCRM(B) core-level records contributed to BIBCO must be supported by authority records in the LC/NACO and LC/SACO Authority Files, with the exception of certain series headings.  Authority records are not required for headings on other DCRM(B) core-level records.

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Appendix C:  Core-Level Records