H2.1.  General rule

Formulate the body of the description according to the rules in DCRM(B).  Transcribe information in the form and order in which it is presented in the source, unless instructed otherwise by specific rules (see 0G).

H2.2.  Issues with distinctive titles

If the issue has a distinctive title, transcribe that title in the title and statement of responsibility area.

H2.3.  Issues without distinctive titles


If the issue has no distinctive title, transcribe the title of the serial and the numbering of the issue (including numeric and/or chronological designations) in the title and statement of responsibility area.

245  04  $a The post boy. $n Numb. 2436, from Thursday December 21 to Saturday December 23, 1710.

245  04  $a The American printer. $p Franklin bi-centennial number. $n January 20, 1923.

245  14  $a The foundling hospital for wit : $b intended for the reception and preservation of such brats of wit and humour whose parents chuse to drop them. $n Number III, to be continued occasionally / $c by Timothy Silence, Esq.


If the issue numbering appears at the head of title, transpose it and make a note indicating the transposition (see 1B6).


If the issue numbering appears following a statement of responsibility, transcribe it as a subsequent statement of responsibility.

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