choosing between DCRM(B) and, X.1.2

relationship to DCRM(B), II.1, III.2.5, Appendix C3 (245-4XX fields)

special collections cataloging, Appendix A8

used in conjunction with DCRM(B), II.1, Appendix B4

Abbreviations, 0G8

on dissertations, 7B13

in place of publications, 4B4-4B5

of two or more letters, 0G10.2

See also Spacing

Abridgment of information, See Omissions

Academic degrees, memberships, etc., 1E8

Academic disputations, 1E4.2

Academic dissertations, See Dissertations, notes on

Access, restrictions on, Appendix B4 (506)

Access points, III.2.3

See also Added entries


Main entries

Title access points

Accompanying material, 5E

general rules, 5E1

notes on, 5E1.2, 5E2, 7B11

standard number for, 8B2

title access points, Appendix F2 (7B11)

Acquisition, source of, Appendix B4 (541)

Acronyms, VII

Acronyms (in source), See Initials, initialisms, acronyms (in source)

Adaptations, notes on, 7B2.1

Added entries, Appendix B4 (700-75X), Appendix B5.2, Appendix C3 (700-75X)

notes justifying, 7A1.4, 7B19.1.1, Appendix C3 (5XX)

See also Headings

Main entries

Title access points

Added title pages, 5B9.4, Appendix F2 (7B4-7B5)

Additional titles, See Other title information

Addresses, transcription of publisher's, etc., 1G2, 4B11, 4C4

Advertisements, 5B5, 7B19.1.3

ALA-LC Romantization Tables, 7B9.8, Appendix F2 (0F1.1)

Alphabets, nonroman, See Nonroman scripts

Alternative rules, IV, Appendix E2.3

in the edition area, 2B3.2, 2B4.2, 2D2

in the publication area, 4G

in transcription, 0G3.1, 0G4.1

Alternative titles, 1B3.2, 1B7.2, Appendix F2 (1B3.2)

Alternative treatments in rules, See Optional treatments in rules

Ampersands, 0G8.2, Appendix G2

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, See AACR2

Announcements, 1A2.2

Apostrophes, transcription of, 0G3.2

Apostrophus, Appendix G2

Appendixes, subsidiary texts, etc., 1E14, 2C3, Appendix F2 (1E14)

Arabic numerals, 5B8.1

multiple sequences of numbering, 5B6.1

in physical description area, 5B1.3

in series numbering, 6G1.2

substitution for nonroman numeric sequence, 7B9.7

unnumbered pages, 5B3.1

vs roman numerals in dates, 4D2.1

vs spelled out numerals, 6G1.2

Archaic place names, 4B3

Archival collections, Appendix B1.4

Areas of description, See Edition area; Material (or type of publication) specific details area; Note area; Physical description area; Publication, distribution, etc. area; Series area; Standard number and terms of availability area; Title and statement of responsibility area

Arrangement (of collections), Appendix B3.2

Articles (part of speech), Appendix F2 (0B1)

Artistic form, notes on, See Notes: nature, scope, or artistic form

Artists' books, notes on, 7B10.4

Asterisks in names, 0G3.7

Attributions, notes on, 7B6.3

Authentication code, Appendix C3 (042)

Author statement, See Statements of responsibility

Availability, terms of, See Terms of availability

See also: