Fascicles, 5B15.2

Fictitious or incorrect information

attributions to name, notes on, 7B6.3.2

dates, 4D2.4

place of publication, 4B9

publication, distribution, etc., 4A4

publisher statement, 4C5

See also Inaccuracies (in source)

Uncertain information

Figures, See Numerals

Finding aids, Appendix B1.2, Appendix B3.3, Appendix B4 (555)

Fingerprints, 8B3

definition of, Glossary

Folded leaves, 5B9, 5B10

Folded sheets, 5B2, 5B14, 5D4

See also Gatherings

Foliation, See Leaves; Pagination

Form and order of information, 0G, 1A3, 2A3, 4A3, 5B1, 5B15, 6A3, 7A4, 7B, 8B

Form headings, See Genre/form headings

Formal notes, 7A4.3

Format, 5D1.3

Former owners, See Provenance, notes on

Full-level DCRM(B) cataloging, X.1.3, Appendix A2

Full punctuation option, See Punctuation in source: alternative transcription of

Full stops, See Prescribed punctuation

Function, designations of

in statements of responsibility, 1E4

publishers, distributors, etc., 4A6

Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, See FRBR

See also: