definition of, Glossary

in signature statement, 7B9

unnumbered leaves or pages, 5B3

Genre/form headings, X.1.3, 7A1.4, Appendix C3 (655)

Grammatically inseparable elements

date of publication, 4A3.3, 4D1.4

edition area, 2B6, 2B8

illustration statements, 1D3

other title information, 1D5

place of publication, 4A3.3, 4A6.3.1, 4B6.4, 4B8, 4C3

publisher statements, 4A3.3, 4C3

series numbering, 6B2, 6G1.1

sources of information, 1A2

statements of responsibility, 1E3, 1E4.2, 1E8, 1E13, 6B2, 6E1

title proper, 1B1, 1B4, 1C2

volume statements, 1D3

Graphic processes, 5C1.5

Greek characters, 7B9.3, 7B9.9

chart (signature statements), 7B9.9

See also Nonroman scripts

Gregorian calendar, 4D2.5, 4D2.6 Footnote 4-3

See also Dates

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