LC/NACO Authority Files, X.1.3, Appendix C1

LC/SACO Authority Files, X.1.3 Footnote, Appendix C1

Labels, 4A5

as source of information, 6A2.4, Appendix E1.2

Lack of title, See Collective title, items without; Opening words of text

Lacunae, 0G6.3

Lady Day dating, 4D2.5 Footnote 4-2


of adaptations, notes on, 7B2

of description, 0F

of parallel titles, 1C2

preferences in DCRM(B), V

See also Multilingual edition statements

Multilingual items

Latin final capital I, 0G2.3

Latin place names, See Archaic place names

Leader and directory values, Appendix B4, Appendix C3

Leaf, See Leaves

Leaf of plates, definition of, Glossary


double, 5B11

errata, 5B4, 7B16, Appendix E1.3

folded, 5B9.3, 5B10

multiple sequences of, 5B6.6

in multipart monographs, 5B19

non-letterpress, 5B1.4, 5B9.4

of plates, 5B9, 5B19

unnumbered, 5B3, 5B8

unsigned, 7B9.3

See also Pagination

Letterforms, Appendix G1-G2

Lettered sequences, 5B1.3

Letterpress, definition of, Glossary

Letters (alphabetic)

initial, See Initial letters, blank spaces for

modified, See Diacritical marks

substituted by punctuation, 0G3.7

transcription of, 0G1.1

turned, 0G7.2

See also E (letter of alphabet)

I (letter of alphabet)

J (letter of alphabet)

O (letter of alphabet)

Thorn (letter of alphabet)

U (letter of alphabet)

V (letter of alphabet)

W (letter of alphabet)

Levels of description

collection, X.1.1, Appendix A3, Appendix B

considerations in choosing, X.2

core, X.1.3, Appendix A4, Appendix C

full, X.1.3, Appendix A2

item, X.1.1

minimal, X.1.3, Appendix A5, Appendix D

Library of Congress control number (LCCN), Appendix C3 (010)

Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, See LCRI

Library’s holdings, notes on, See Copy-specific notes; Local notes

Ligatures, 0G1.1

Limitation, statement of, 7B7.3-7B7.5

Line endings, 0G3.6

Linking entry complexity notes, Appendix B4 (580)

Local notes, VIII.2, 7B7.5, 7B18.3, 7B19

notes on provenance, 7A1.4, 7B19.1.3, 7B19.2, Appendix B4 (561)

See also Copy-specific notes

Long s, Appendix G2

Long s and z, Appendix G2

Long titles, See Titles: lengthy

See also: