Although General special captions (sometime qualified by the phrase Special aspects of the subject as a whole) appear under many topics in the LC Classification, no new numbers of this type are being established as the classification is developed. This instruction sheet provides guidelines on the usage of the existing General special numbers.


1. Class the following types of material in General special numbers:

image\POINT_BL.gif "Amorphous" works for which it is impossible to determine precisely the actual concepts discussed.

image\POINT_BL.gif Works involving subjects so new that it cannot immediately be determined precisely where they fit in a classification hierarchy.

2. Do not class in General special numbers works whole contents can be precisely determined and designated. If the schedule does not provide for a topic in question, propose a number for it, even though the work in hand may represent the first work on the topic.

3. Do not add Including notes to General special numbers to indicate what special topics are to be classed in the number. Establish specific numbers for special topics that can be identified.

4. Do not establish new General special numbers when submitting classification development proposals.

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