A bound-with book is a work containing two or more titles issued separately and bound together after publication. An upside-down book is a special type of bound-with book containing two titles bound so that the book has two front covers. Cataloging is provided for each title in a bound-with book. This instruction sheet provides guidelines for handling these materials.


1. General

Class the work with the first title in the volume. Assign this classification number to each title.

If the book contains only two titles and the second one is substantially longer than the first, class the work with the second title.

2. Upside-down books

Class the work with the topic that comes first in the classification schedules, e.g. if one work belongs in PS and the other in PR, class the volume in PR.

3. Bracketed alternate numbers

Assign an alternate number enclosed in brackets to each title in the volume.

If this number is the same as the one assigned to the volume as a whole, omit the alternate number.

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