Genealogical materials class in CS with the exception of works about the genealogy of individual American ethnic groups and local genealogy of the United States, which class in E and F. This instruction sheet provides guidelines for classifying genealogical materials. For guidelines on assigning subject headings, see H 1631.


1. General:

Class general works about genealogy, including works on genealogical methodology, research, etc., in CS1-CS24.

2. By place:

a. United States:

Class works about American genealogy and general collections of United States genealogical records in CS42-CS68.

image\POINT_BL.gif Class collections of local genealogical material with the place in F, e.g. F 180, Maryland.

image\POINT_BL.gif Class genealogical materials pertaining to an individual ethnic group with the group in E or F, e.g. E 184.G3, German Americans.

b. Other countries:

Class works about the genealogy of other countries and collections of records from these countries, including local genealogical and the genealogy of ethnic groups, in CS80-CS2209.

3. Genealogy vs. other subject:

Many types of materials such as church records, census materials, passenger lists from ships, etc., are of interest to genealogists. In deciding where to class a work, let the intent of the editor or the publisher and the editing and indexing of the material serve as a guide to classification. Generally, if the material is being presented for use by genealogists, class the work with genealogy.

For instructions on classing local court records, see F 635.

4. Individual families:

Class genealogy of an individual family in the family history number in CS under the country in which the family resides, e.g. CS71, United States.

image\POINT_BL.gif Class works of family history covering more than one country in CS38-CS39. If one of the countries included is the United States, class the work with family history under the United States.

image\POINT_BL.gif Class works of family biography focusing on the details of the life stories of individual family members in the appropriate biography number.

image\POINT.gif Class the work in CT if the family members are not well-known persons or if they are prominent in several fields.

image\POINT.gif Class the work in D, E, or F if the family is important in the history of the country in which it resides.

image\POINT.gif Class the work with the appropriate topic if the family members are prominent in a special field, e.g. Wyeth family in art; Bach family in music.

image\POINT_BL.gif If a work is a mixture of family biography and genealogy, class the work with genealogy, unless the genealogical material is clearly a minor part of the work.

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