Government documents are generally not classed as a distinct category of materials. However, some classification schedules do have provisions for documents. This instruction sheet provides guidance as to how to apply these provisions in those schedules where they occur.


1. General rules:

image\POINT_BL.gif Treat as documents only those works where the main entry is a corporate heading consisting of a jurisdictional name plus agency name as a subheading, e.g. New South Wales. Dept. of Railways. If the main entry is formulated in any other manner, including headings for government bodies entered under their own names, e.g. Naval Research Laboratory, do not treat the work as a document.

image\POINT_BL.gif Class only serials in document numbers unless the schedule expressly provides for monographs.

2. Monographs:

Do not class monographs in document numbers unless the schedule has explicit provision for monographic documents. Example:

See also:

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