Library of Congress publications are works published by the Library or one of its departments or offices. Works sponsored or compiled by the Library of Congress but published elsewhere are not considered to be official publications of the Library. A special section has been established in the Z classification schedule to make it possible for the Library of Congress to class copies of its own publication s together and maintain them in a separate archival collection in the Rare Book Division. this instruction sheet provides guidelines for cataloging these materials.


1. Assign the appropriate class number for the work being cataloged.

If the work classes in the Z schedule, assign also a bracketed alternate number, if appropriate, following the instructions in F 150 for providing these numbers.

2. Assign an additional number for the division or office responsible for the publication from the special section for Library of Congress publications located at Z663-Z663.99.

This is not a bracketed alternate number. It is a number that appears in a separate 051 field and that is actually assigned to the copy of the work that is housed in the Rare Book Division.

If a new number is needed in this area, consult the cataloger of library science materials.

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