Most microforms (microfiche or microfilm) acquired by LC receive minimal level cataloging. However, important microform collections, microforms issued as serials, and microforms received from CIP publishers receive full cataloging. Since even fully cataloged microforms are not shelved according to their LC call number, only a suggested class number is provided in an 050 field, not a fully shelflisted number. The number that is used for shelving purposes is provided in a second 050 field. This instruction sheet provides guidelines for assigning suggested LC class numbers to those microforms that are fully cataloged. For guidelines on assigning subject headings, see H 1893.


1. Assigning only the $a subfield, not the $b subfield, of the 050 field, i.e. assign only the classification number, not the shelflisting elements. Use 1 as the first indicator. If a second suggested class number is to be assigned, e.g. an alternate number for a bibliography, provide it in the normal manner using a second $a subfield.

2. Assign as specific a number as is already established and printed in the classification schedules, including Cutter numbers for topics, place, or persons if they are already printed in the schedule. Do not include Cutter numbers or letters for placed or individuals if the caption in the schedule reads, for example, "By region or country, A-Z," or "Individual, A-Z," and printed Cutters are not present. Do not assign spans of numbers or Cutters. If the specific topic has not been established, submit a proposal to establish it in the normal manner.

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