In 1987, the Library of Congress began to acquire and catalog computer software, both through the CIP program and through regular acquisition channels. This instruction sheet provides guidelines on assigning classification numbers to computer software and to works about individual computer programs. It applies only to items of software for which the bibliographic records are in the COMPUTER FILES format, not to books with accompanying software for which the bibliographic records are in the BOOKS format. For information on assigning subject headings, see H 2070.


1. Class an item of software in the same number in which a book about that software would be classed.

If a particular schedule has a provision of the type "Special programs, A-Z," class software in that number. In most cases, class software in the number for "Data processing" or its equivalent under the topic in question, if one exists. If a number does not exist for the topic of a particular software title, submit a proposal to establish one in the normal manner.

2. Since software is not shelflisted, do not include any author or geographic Cutters that are not printed in the classification schedule, and do not include any notation indicating shelflisting subarrangement. The class number is input into the $a subfield of the 050 field followed by a $u subfield with the custodial designation <MRCRR>.

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