Form or topical subdivisions that are designated as free-floating may be combined with designated subjects without the usage being established editorially, and, as a consequence, without the usage appearing in the Subject Authority File under each individual subject heading. Subdivisions with general or wide applications are designated as free-floating subdivisions either separately (apart from main headings) or under representative main headings, called pattern or model headings, with the intention that they may be combined with appropriate main headings at the point of application. The use of free-floating subdivisions, allowing the formation of specific headings by combining different facets treated in the document, enhances the analytico- synthetic nature of the system.

9.22 References

9.221 Free-floating subdivisions of general application

9.222 Free-floating subdivisions under specific types of headings

9.223 Free-floating subdivisions controlled by pattern headings

9.224 Subdivisions indicated by "multiples"

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9.2 Headings with subdivisions