Part I of the CONSER Cataloging Manual is dedicated to the staff of the CONSER Minimal Level Cataloging Section, with whom I have had the opportunity and great pleasure to teach and to learn.  I also thank them for their patience and endurance during the three years in which it took to produce this document, and for supplying me with so many wonderful examples.

My sincere thanks go to Mary Price, Kimberly Dobbs, and Linda Bartley, without whose initial and continuing support the manual would never have become a reality.  Dorothy Glasby deserves a special thanks for the many years of experience and wisdom that she has imparted to the writers of and contributors to the manual.

The manual would not have been possible without the benefit of the ideas and experience of the four LC catalogers who worked with me on the initial drafts:  Jeffrey Myers-Hayer, Janet Szarmach, William Hinkley, and Cheryl Cook.  A special thanks is also due to Jeffrey for additional editing of the drafts.  A very special thanks goes to John Riemer for contributing Module 15 on subject headings.  Many other CONSER catalogers contributed examples and comments, among them:  David Van Hoy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kristin Lindlin (University of Washington), Sue Fuller (University of Texas at Austin), Ron Watson (University of California at Los Angeles), and Kevin McShane (National Library of Medicine).  Cliff Wunderlich (Boston Theological Institute) contributed an initial version of the index.

LC reviewers of the initial draft included:  Dorothy Glasby, Maureen Landry, Maryvonne Mavroukakis, Hoda Fateen, Judy Herrick, Gary Bush, Regina Reynolds, Carolyn Leonard, Joan Tansey, and William Anderson.

Final editing of Part I was provided by the following LC staff:  William Anderson, Edward Bergin, Les Hawkins, Simone Jones, Judy Kuhagen, Maureen Landry, Jeffrey Meyers-Hayer, William Hinkley, Lois Rose, Steven Shadle, Janet Szarmach, and Herbert Weinryb.

I also wish to thank the many publishers who granted permission to reprint title pages and covers of their serials.  While the quality of the scanned images does not always do justice to the original publications, the manual has been greatly enhanced by the inclusion of these examples with the text.

Finally, I would like to extend my special thanks and appreciation to Regina Reynolds and Ron Watson for their continued support and encouragement over the many years in which it took to complete this project.


Jean L. Hirons

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